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Previous Projects


Field Development


  • Full field compositional model using water and gas injection as part of development planning for gas condensate and black oil reservoirs offshore Nigeria.
  • Reserves Estimation and Development Sensitivities.
  • Technical Partner Meeting Representations
  • Conceptual Development Planning – Cameroon
  • Technical operations support for fluid sampling and transport - Ghana

Well Testing

  • Well Test modelling of horizontal wells offshore Philippines to primarily to optimise the well test program, identify the timing of key flow regimes and recommend an outline for the test sequence.
  • Multiple Horizontal Well Test interpretations

Well Test and



  • Well Test Deconvolution Analysis over 10 oil and gas producers and well as injectors in block 9 within the Bredasdrop Basin offshore South Africa.
  • Connected Volume Analysis using Well Test Analysis.

Full Field


Planning &



  • Integrate results into the black oil simulation model for improved history match, better understanding of drainage areas and production forecasting for 6 reservoirs within the block 9 within the Bredasdrop Basin offshore South Africa.
  • Reserves Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis.
  • Integrated Asset modelling/facilities network for reservoirs in the block 9 within the Bredasdrop Basin offshore South Africa.

Field Development Planning / Optimisation

  • Full-field compositional simulation model rebuild of highly compartmentalised sandstone oil & gas condensate reservoirs (Algeria, North Africa), planned for development with a combination of water and gas injection. Simulation model was used in development plan optimisation i.e. well count, well utility, recovery scheme, voidage balancing etc.
  • WAG (Water-Alternating-Gas Injection) Pilot Scheme - simulation modelling review

Reservoir Simulation & Reserves Estimation (VIP / Nexus)

  • History match of stand-alone (6) simulation models for volatile oil reservoirs (Algeria, North Africa) developed by miscible gas injection.
  • Updated simulation model used for the optimisation of the 2009-2012 Phase-3,4 & 5 development (in-fill) drilling.
  • Reserves Estimation and Updates based on Recent Production Data and Revised Development Plan.
  • Gas injection and allocation - optimisation study

Reserves Assessment

  • Simulation based reserves and production study North Sea reservoirs - Janice and James (central North Sea) reservoir study.
  • Reserves assessment using numerical simulation and decline curve analysis.
  • Production and reserves evaluation – Nelson Field

Reservoir Simulation (VIP)

  • History matching, remaining reserves evaluation and by passed (un-swept) pay assessment of a mature field – Maureen

Asset Screening, Reserves Assessment & Data Evaluation

  • Volumetric assessments and production forecast in tight gas reservoirs - P1/P2 (Dutch Sector, North Sea).
  • Petrophysical re-interpretation, production and volumetric Assessment of the Bowmore gas condensate field

Well Testing / PLT

  • Well test analysis and data review – Bugle Field
  • Multi-rate PLT design and well test modelling / design in a multi-layered tight gas reservoir– Dimple field (NL)

Asset Screening / Reserves Assessment & Data Evaluation

  • Volumetric assessments and production forecast of Northern North Sea (NNS) Terraced Oil Reservoirs - (Causeway Field).

Well Testing / Production Analysis

  • Well test analysis of multiple DST’s in horizontal appraisal well.
  • ESP modelling and Analysis using PROSPER

Reservoir Simulation, Reserves Assessment & Uncertainty Analysis (Eclipse)

  • History matching to DST results, Production Optimisation, Reserves Assessment, Sensitivity & Uncertainty Analysis

Asset Screening / Reserves Assessment & Data Evaluation

  • Data Room representations
  • Engineering data review and assessment of a UK Southern Gas Basin Acquisition Opportunity - (Minke and Orca Fields)

Well Testing

  • Horizontal Well test design and interpretation – Dimple, North Sea Dutch sector

Field Development Planning

  • A Conceptual field development study using integrated surface and sub-surface simulation models for the evaluation of two offshore oil/gas fields.
  • Material balance (MBAL) modelling, development planning and production forecasting of multiple gas reservoirs – Niger Delta, Nigeria

Asset Screening, Data and Reserves Evaluation

  • A Screening study of an onshore Nigerian Niger Delta block.
  • Review and interpretation of available seismic, geological, petrophysical and engineering data to estimate reserves/associated risks

Economic Analysis

  • An Economic and commercial evaluation of Nigerian oil and gas farm-in opportunities.

Well Testing

  • Well Test design, analysis and interpretations for multiple appraisal wells – offshore Nigeria


  • Detailed well and field petrophysical interpretations for multiple wells.

Operations Support

  • Technical operational support for well logging and well testing operations

Reservoir Simulation (Eclipse)

  • In association with (Energy Scitech) provided reservoir engineering consulting services – reservoir model tuning using EnABLE coupled to an Eclipse Simulator for a North-sea oil and gas field where horizontal and multilateral wells were extensively used. The history match process was accelerated and improved with the use of EnABLE.

Reservoir Simulation (Eclipse)

  • In association with (Energy Scitech) provided reservoir engineering consulting services – reservoir model build of a complex, multi-horizon Russian gas field in the Sakhalin Region.
  • Construction of a multi-horizon reservoir simulation model used for preliminary field development planning.

Asset Screening, Data Evaluation / Simulation Study

  • Evaluation of the geology, volumes initially in place, review of the development plan, production and reserves assessment, potential upsides and downsides, uncertainties and risk analysis - UK Southern Gas Basin producing gas fields (Kilmar, Garrow and Wenlock fields)

Technical Training

  • In-house training on Reservoir Management and Monitoring.
  • In-House, 3rd Floor training on Basic/Applied Reservoir Engineering for Geo-Scientists.

Reserves Evaluation and Field Development Planning

  • Comprehensive field evaluation, leading to an appraisal strategy and conceptual development plan for the Ogedeh Marginal Field (OML 90) located in the Western Niger Delta off-shore Nigeria. This study covered geological, reservoir, facilities and economical modelling as well as risk and uncertainty analysis.

Field Development Planning & Reserves Assessment

  • Full field compositional model build using gas and water injection as part of in development planning for gas condensate and black oil reservoirs offshore Cameroon.

Well Test Analysis

  • Well test design of a Romanian dry gas field.
  • Providing well testing guide lines for testing prospective wells
Maersk Oil

Well Test Analysis

  • Numerical well test analysis in a tight, multi-layered, rich gas condensate field offshore Denmark.
  • Validating results using analytical well test models with numerical models
  • Predicting size and growth of Gas condensate bank and how it affects deliverability
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