Ophiolite Related Natural (Gold) Hydrogen Exploration

Ophiolite Related Natural (Gold) Hydrogen Exploration

AAPG Troodos Field Tour Photos, Cyprus, May 2023

Troodos ophiolites are well known for hosting metal accumulations such as copper ore bodies that have resulted in a rich and long mining history in Cyprus stretching back to Byzantine times.  However, there is a new exploration buzz around ophiolites for Clean Energy in the form of Natural (gold) Hydrogen within subsurface traps that maybe similar to the relatively recent discovery in Mali.

Fundamental play elements including ‘source rocks’ such as serpentinised ultramafics for hydrogen generation, porous and permeable reservoirs capped by seal rocks are present in Cyprus. Prospect delineation will require more detailed analysis of multiple aspects such as geochemistry, fluid migration pathways, effective reservoirs, seals, traps, Critical Moment timing and preservation potential. Some indication of the complexity of hydrogen systems is shown by laboratory analytical results for the gas seepage source of the Chimaera Olympic fire in Turkey which indicates a mixture of thermogenic hydrocarbon gas, abiotic methane and natural hydrogen. Such mixed gas phases may also occur in petroleum fields but may require testing. Hence, a range of natural hydrogen exploration opportunities that extend from ‘in-field’ testing of known petroleum accumulations to frontier settings that include ophiolites and granite-greenstone belts.

Given the complexity of natural (gold) hydrogen systems, PetroVision advises systematic play and prospectivity analysis with a fully integrated multi-disciplinary approach to exploration.


PetroVision is available to assist with customised consulting work, based on your preferences and requirements, for natural (gold) hydrogen exploration and evaluation. 


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